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Disconnected...This covers a wide span of time

Not a baseball photo, you take what you can get.
This was written before our son Scott passed away and I have decided to leave it as is. The next blog will jump over another long span of time and catch us up to the present.

This covers a wide span of timeThis blog post should really be two in one. We didn't have internet service for months while in the northwest, so what we have here is really old and just part of the junket. I will quickly add the next episode to get us up to speed, but no promises.   On the fast track from Las Vegas to La Junta, Colorado and Denver to Salt Lake City, then on up to the coastal mountains of the Oregon's Pacific coast where we've been settled in to a cozy spot in Thousand Trails Pacific City campground overlooking the sea. It's been a wild ride getting here, though! (Bear in mind this was originally written in Oregon last spring, June, 2019.

Las Vegas had been colder than we expected but the trip up to La Junta, CO was colder yet. Our son Scott and his family live there and our grandson Wyatt was to play baseball the next day. My old truck driving ways kicked in and I drove most of the trip without stopping except for fuel. I'm sure both of my sons who are truck drivers themselves are laughing at this, but we got there plenty early only to learn the game was cancelled due a nasty storm.

Granddaughter Kaylah with Organic Chem Degree!
Our stay in La Junta was wonderful and restful. They had room for our rig right next to their widened driveway and called an electrician to install 30 amp service. so all we lacked was sewer. We can go about a week in between dumps in normal conditions and longer if we're careful. 

Our daughter-in-law is responsible for elder care, as well as many social services and functions in La Junta and she treated us to a marvelous Mother's Day Brunch she organizes every year. It was a beautiful time and a blessed beginning of a wonderful week culminating with a granddaughter's graduation with her B.S. in Organic Chemistry. So proud of that girl!!! But we couldn't hang around to celebrate because...

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jolly! 
A great granddaughter was to be married the very next day, 550 MILES AWAY! She and her new husband are Mormons and were wed in the Salt Lake Temple. Only qualified members are allowed in the Temple proper, so many attendees waited outside to greet the newlywed couple as they emerged from the building. 
Four generations.  
A delightful reception was held later in the day. The bride was beautiful and the groom handsome, it was a lovely party and we were tired out of our minds from having driven straight through in a raging storm that forced me to stop for a while because the snow was so heavy I couldn't see! Yes, I said snow, and lots of it. I was coming into SLC from the east when a freak storm hit, HARD!
We parked in a field out back of Norman our oldest son's house for a week, giving us time to see  enjoying our family so much. We have many relatives in the SLC area and got to see most of them. But all too soon, it was time to head to Oregon. The weather continued to be frosty but no blizzards to fight.
How nice to have breakfast with our talented and beautiful granddaughter Rio.

I love this picture, if I do say so myself.
The drive up to Pacific City was stunning. I love the Columbia River and was pleased to get a good shot of the train. We stopped and spent the night at a casino where they have a very nice RV/Truck lot. Across the street was a junk yard of sorts where I found a Nash Ambassador exactly like the first car I ever owned, even the same color albeit a bit rusty.
Many casinos have nice, safe lots and allow parking for one to several nights.
An aged twin to my first ever car.
We've been here in Oregon three weeks and it's time to move north to Chahalis, Washington for a three weeks stay with Thousand Trails there. It has been a wonderful stay except for electrical problems that new batteries didn't even cure. We bought deep cycle marine batteries and we have a portable solar charger, but the batteries either do not hold a charge or are not being charged. Isn long as we're plugged into shore power or running down the road, we're fine, but other than that, we have nothing.

Our site was quite small and way up on the mountain overlooking the Pacific. Lovely, but cold and often rainy.
Another problem is medical care. I have been trying to get in to see a pain doctor with no luck at all. No doctor of any sort will see me as soon as I say I have pain issues. I've been calling ahead to try to find care in our next stop... Praying someone can help. But, so far, no luck there, either. Yet, you can buy all the weed you want in both states!
This rig was stuck way out toward the water and the tide was coming in fast. The tow truck had quite a struggle!

Someone commented on a previous blog post that we weren't truly living full time on the road if we were using campgrounds much of the time. Well, it's all relative. We consider ourselves on the road but don't really mind if others have a DIFFERENT DEFINITION. We aren't here to prove anything, just living life the way we like it.

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