Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time - Space Warp

I am amazed to see that my last post was five months ago! I enjoy writing the blog and love interacting online, yet I put it off, thinking I'll do it when I have more time, am more rested, have more to say or better pictures, etc. All of that misses the point of charting the everyday, yet unpredictable life of the full-time RVer.

So, with penitent heart and renewed passion, I return to the record: We will do a literary time-space warp and end up in northern California in mid-summer.

Our last post was mid-winter. There was even snow not far from Las Vegas. We drove up to Mt. Charleston and played in the white stuff. 

Before the cold slipped away, we went online to looking for a placement in northern California or southern Oregon. There were several, but we ultimately hooked up with the Six Rivers Nat'l. Forest for a camp host position that has turned out to be primo!
Home Sweet Home until the end of September 
 But we don't want to leave out some things in our lives before we came up north... Like the wonderful Passover celebration held by our synagog, Lev HaShem where we were joined by our delightful granddaughter Tia. We have sure missed our congregation since we find no like believers in this mountain place... more on that later.
Tia, Iona and Richard, Passover, 2013

 We were also blessed with guests not long before we headed north. "Guests?," you say, "How can someone who lives in 250 square feet have guests?" We weren't sure about that, either, until our sweet Florida friends Ruddy and Merida from Congregation Beit Yisrael flew in to spend four fantastic days with us.

The four of us did just fine in our little motorhome. They are full-time RVers as well, living in a 5th wheel about the size of our rig. They taught us a lot about making the space work. 

Doing plenty of outdoor living is key, and being super proactive about cleaning, too... especially the floors. So much more dirt and grit gets tracked in when you live "out in the wilds." We now keep a little folding work table outside and use our external plug in for the crock pot, etc.
Ruddy and Merida enjoying a morning on our patio.

 We have cruised the Strip many times over the years and during our fall and winter stay at Lake Mead, but we needed to see two special sights before leaving.

First, we wanted to revisit The Little Church of the West where we renewed our vows after 30 years of marriage. Our kids were not present when we first wed (long and funny story for another time) but most of them were there 30 years later. Our cool Florida friends took this picture.

Next, we have seen Elvis all over Vegas but never an Elvis wedding. Well, we caught a lucky treat, Elvis in a pink Cadillac driving a newlywed couple... all vintage, and totally copasetic! What a way to say Bye Bye to Vegas.

But there was one final farewell. Like bidding adieu to Lev HaShem, Tia and new Nevada friends, taking leave of these two great guys was tough. The Bosses... we say that lovingly and very tongue in cheek for they pretty much told us what needed done in a general way and turned us lose. It's nice to be trusted that much! David, Chief of Operations, invited us back any time to visit or stay and be part of the team for as little or as long as we wanted... Nice, and we'll be back!
Mike and David
Well, this has proved to be long enough to tire me out and there is much left to tell of our travels to the north, so soon, very soon, we'll post again.