Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Home to Roost (for now)

After four years of traveling this amazing nation and volunteering at national parks and forests all over the country, we have come home to roost in Orlando, at least for a while.

During the time we were away, my blog posts were sporadic. I have numerous excuses for that: Life was too fun and full of adventure... We had poor signals and could not use the internet... I had some health problems... but the bottom line is simply that I lack discipline. Will I be any better this time around? Who knows, but I'll have fun trying and hopefully you'll have fun reading, and we will just see what happens.
Bingo and I lack discipline. I'm retired, he's just lazy.

Gloria holding a Lulav during Sukkoth.
We left off blogging in July, 2015, working on choosing our next assignment. As it turned out, we signed up for duty at Mitchell's Landing, deep in the Everglades and part of the Big Cyprus Preserve. Our duties were not to start until December, but we were to finish up our work at the Osceola Nat'l Forest October first. We needed a place to park our rig for two months, but uppermost in our combined mind was Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles, which began September 27. As planned, we set up our rig at Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation for the amazing eight day celebration and worship. 
Davidic dance.
We have received a special blessing.
These warm and loving people graciously offered to let us stay on until we needed to leave for South Florida. Incredibly, they had full RV hook-ups, so we parked there and commuted for the few days we had to work at Osceola. During that time, we saw some lovely insects... The Creator has filled the universe with beauty!

You would think that sitting around for two months with nothing to do would be boring, but our lives are never boring. There were some really big doings in Colorado, so we made the trip by car and left our disgruntled cat with Bingo's groomer. I'll tell you about all the excitement in my next post.

In addition to the big trek out west, we made a snap decision to buy a new (to us) rig. I'll fill you in on that, too, during the next blog post. It will be sooner than you might expect since I am planning to be more disciplined.

But before I close now, I must let you know where we are. We've rented a pad in an RV park out in the boonies as far as we could find and still have an easy commute to Walt Disney World where Richard has gone back to work.... yeah, you guessed it, I'll tell you why later.
Our home for now. Shady with a lake out back of the patio.