Thursday, August 30, 2012

To Bee or Bee Gone?

Our trusty motorhome is still making an elegant statement in Stephanie's driveway. It sort of matches the house and gives it a certain je ne sais qua... But it will be moving soon, since our work here is almost over. We have a bit of painting to do and some tidying up... the yard will get probably one last mowing after the one Richard did this morning.

There were wasps here when we came, and my valiant knight went forth and tilted them all away. I am deathly allergic to the varies stings of bees and wasps.-, so I have a valid excuse for not bravely standing by his side in battle.

I don't know bout bees, but wasps love RVs. The oven and furnace vents are an open invitation for them. In fact, we had to have our heater taken apart and rebuilt (thanks Ben) because it was full of wasp nests. We cannot seem to find screened vents to fit out furnace, however. Those we see are always too big.

But back to the bees, Not long ago, a swarm of bees seemed to come out of nowhere and take great interest in one of the boards we had used to cover a window well. The board was clean when we put it there but had some little vent holes in it along one edge.

Within 20 minutes, the bees had all come together down in the window well and began working on the board. That was about two to three weeks ago, then Stephanie got in touch with a bee savvy friend and he and his brave crew came and removed the bees... Amazing to watch this dad and his boys interact with the bees and move them.

I know nothing of bees, but these sites might be helpful if you want to see what wondrous things you can do with them.

When the bees were safely and I presume happily moved to their new home,  Howard and his boys took this awesome video. Notice all the work the bees have done, the great lobed hive they have created... praise YHVH!

Here's the vido of the bees and their incredible hive after they moved to Howard's window well.

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  1. John Clevenger is here (from the Safari list) and he has a nice new screen on his furnace outlet holes... I will snap a pic and also ask him where he got it!