Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our New Digs

Motorhome shopping is fun and frustrating. I researched local motorhomes for sale and made list of ones we should check out. Ideally, we wanted a length between 30 and 35 feet, no slide outs, a tight turning radius and a no split bath floor plan. We looked and looked and did not find anything that fit all our criteria, especially the no slide out preference.

We were tired of looking, so I prayed one more time that we would find the right motorhome. Then, just as we were about to settle for a 34 footer with a slide out, we spied a new arrival at Johnnie Walker RV. And it met every single one of our requirements! It was a 31.5 feet Hurricane by Four Winds, had a complete bath in a separate room, a very short turning radius and... NO SLIDE OUTS!!!

Fifteen minutes later, we were test driving it. It drove and rode great and we even pulled a U-turn in one maneuver right on a two way street... We signed the papers the next morning after some time in prayer that night.

Trying to fit all we had in that 40 foot Safari with it's big basement and abundant inside storage into a 31.5 foot "regular" type motorhome with limited storage in topside and below... is futile! We parked the rigs side by side right there on the sales lot and spent three rainy days and nights there trying to make the transfer. It was the weekend, so one day was our Sabbath and we did no work. 

Tia sweetened our chore with homemade Creme Brulee. Her first attempt, and it was some of the best I have ever had! The only competition would be our daughter Athena's beau, Brian. 

Sorry the picture is so oddly colored. I tried to adjust the color but only made it worse. Those walls are white, not the garish yellow you see here. 

Finally, we drove our new home out to Lake Mead, packed to the rafters stem to stern. I followed in the car which was crammed full, too! Once hooked up, we unloaded some things to the patio, stowed the ladder under the rig and began to try to put away what we really needed and bag up the rest for the needy. 

Meanwhile, we got back to work here in the park. Thank heavens the folks we work for are flexible and laid back. We have kept our recycle containers cleaned and serviced, but we have certainly not put in the required hours while we were staying 50 miles away.

Workday lunch break. We are so blessed to spend our days like this.

Back to work... Our workplace is a play place. What a fun way to live!

Time to relax and the family all fits on the sofa. Note Jasper and Bingo are becoming friendly...!?

Bingo's new haircut.


  1. May you find comfort and peaceful living in your new RV! Hate to see the Safari go, but you have to get around in something you can manage. Congrats on the new rig!

    1. Thanks sweet friend... You are a comfort. For there is a certain amount of grieving involved. Saw a Safari today and had to go into the campground for a closer look just to admire her. But we are also extremely thankful for the rig we have now.

  2. Congratulations on your new digs. God is faithful. The fur kids look so cute together.

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving the good wishes. The fur kids have us wrapped around their paws for sure!