Friday, July 17, 2015

Where, Oh Where Will We Go Now?

Yes, it's time to choose a new place to live and volunteer. We've been here almost a year and we had planned to stay no longer than six months. We long to return to our loved ones in Las Vegas, and we'd love to spend a season near cherished souls in Orlando, Dothan, Colorado and California... There are endless choices, so we're glad we don't have to make the decision all alone. We will go anywhere G-d sends us, but we don't expect Him to appear at our picnic table and point to a place on the map or lead us to some wilderness with a pillar of fire, smoke or cloud.
Not exactly a pillar?
Like all volunteers, our options are limited to places needing our services. There are few workamper or live-on-site opportunities near most large cities, and they are usually booked years in advance. Of course, finances also play a part in choosing our next gig. The IRS and ongoing medical expense have taken a big bite out of our coffers, so we will not be considering anywhere far away... not this season, anyway. 
Time to move on... What new duties will we have?
So, how to go about securing just the right place? First, we pray, and keep on talking this over with the Almighty as we scroll through the listings at, jotting down openings that make us smile or quicken the pulse. We keep the search to nearby states. As of this writing, all are in Florida and Mississippi. The list is short, only five places... The final choice is in G-d's hands.
In reality, we're all pretty laid about it all.
Next, we pray again and call each place and get a feel for the position plus let them get to know us a bit. We also simultaneously send a brief cover letter and skeletal resume. We do not follow the web site directions to fill out the on-line application until and unless they ask for it. Usually, they don't ask for the application after they have seen what we have sent and visited with us on the phone because they now have all they need.
We'll miss fellow volunteer John and Kenny and the gang at Osceola NF
This is an exciting time and, with only two more months left here, we are preparing our hearts for saying Goodbye to dear friends we have grown to love... We are also wondering about what challenges our new assignment will bring. Will we be close to a Congregation? A Moose Lodge (We are Mooses? Meese? hehe)? Will we have phone and Mifi signals? We'll need to organize and pack it all up, then set up in the new digs. We always loose or break a few things in this process. That's part of the adventure of it all.
Setting up and taking down, all part of the fun!
Yes, of course, we consider these factors when we search for openings, but really never make a true issue of them if it is clear G-d is leading us to a place. How do we know? For sure? It is a matter of faith and circumstance. In each move, we really made no choice. I mean things fell in place in odd and unexpected ways so that we were both convinced we should follow the lead. Perhaps, after all, it is like the ancient Israelites following the pillar...
Following the Cloud?
So, now we wait to see where and how the pillar leads. We'll keep you posted when we have a Mifi signal.


  1. Sounds like another adventure is sure to come! Feel free to explore MI anytime though and say hello to us too. :)

    1. We'd love to come by for a visit... finding time is always an issue, since the typical gig is Oct--May and May--Oct with barely time to travel, although we often insist we stop to see our kids/grands if they're on the way. But who knows?