Saturday, November 10, 2012

All Sorts of Wild Life

We love wildlife and always keep an eye out for a tortoise, hare or big horn sheep during our volunteer routes or when walking our little dog Bingo. And we see wildlife often here, even from the windows of our coach. But alas, I am not fast with the camera, so if I get a picture at all, it is usually a blurry shot of the hind quarters in full retreat. Once in a rare while, though, I luck out and get a nice shot like this one of a young ewe and a big ram. Look closely and you'll see him in the background.

Notice the rocks set all in a line. You can't really see it well in the picture, but there is a short wire weave fence folded out and held in place along the ground to keep the endangered tortoises off the roadway. These short fences run for miles. They funnel the tortoises to culverts running under the road in various places.

Another type of wildlife can be found in the Las Vegas area. Here, an Elvis wanna-be chats with a passer-by while a fellow in a Zoot suit talks on the phone and an off duty casino worker woos a gal in a mini dress. You can stand along the Strip or here, at the Fremont Street Experience and see an amazing stream of humanity. Some make you laugh and others bring tears to your eyes, but they are always fascinating.

Bingo had a $46 grooming session which left him smelling and looking much better. The hair cut is pretty uneven, especially for that price, but I know he feels so much better without all his matted fur.

Notice his eyes... how they glow yellow in flash pictures. Freaky, yes? And if I don't use flash, he just comes out looking like a black blob.

Now that Bingo has had a chance to become adjusted to living with Jasper, who is quite a cranky fellow, and us, he has developed some routines and seems quite content.

He's much less flighty than at first and has stopped most of his little dog yapping, thank heavens. He loves to play and carries his toys all over. At bed time, he often brings them all into our bed so he can have his people, his cat and all his toys together. He is very excited about life and everything in it. He's good for us, keeps us going.

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  1. Bingo sure looks cute with his new cut! His bedtime antics remind me of my two. I just got a second fur-friend to keep Izzy and me company. They are a hoot together, lol. The only time I was in Vegas was driving a semi through at 9 pm on a Friday night.Didn't have much time to look for wildlife, lol.