Friday, October 26, 2012

The Times... They Are A Changing

It's been some time since I posted, and a major change has taken place. After several more episodes of destructiveness when we left Chase alone for a few minutes to a few hours, and after working with an animal behavioralist, we agreed that Chase's separation anxiety was not going to improve with the standard cures such as long walks, etc.

Life in a motorhome just was not great for Chase, so he has found a home with folks who have a large yard and do not work. Meanwhile, we brought home Bingo, an eight pound ball of matted fluff who had been picked up by Animal Control. He probably got lost from his family not long before being picked up because he is not equipped for life on the street and would not have lasted long at all.

Bingo got the cone off his head today and, after a visit to the vet for motion sickness pills and a shot, was bathed, shaved and groomed, not to mention a pedicure! Jasper went to see the vet today also. He has stopped peeing in his littler box and is now anointing every corner, nook and cranny. So, he was catheterized and we will have his results tomorrow and know if it is behavioral or physical. He is pretty upset he cannot go in and out at will, but even as I type this Bingo is up in the front window barking at the group of coyotes just outside.

One of the many perks of our volunteer gig is training field trips. We recently were sent on a bus tour which included Wetlands Park along the river created by treated water returning from Las Vegas to Lake Mead and a visit to the Atomic Testing Museum. Lunch was also a freebie. Nice trip, great day! We both had fun and learned a lot.

Until last Tuesday, we had no regular vehicle, so cleaning out the recycle carts took several pickup loads, but now we have a stake truck parked at our RV site at the ready to work whenever we are.

Here, the truck is ready to haul a load of plastics to the city recycling center. The objective we have been called to is to reduce the number of pounds of plastic and aluminum Lake Mead deposits to local land fills and, of course, contribute to the overall recycling effort of the nation.

This load is the amount of plastic we gathered in two mornings from metal carts like the one in the picture below. Most RVers and campers are diligent recyclers as well, so they use the carts.

Here are the unsorted bags (2 truckloads) gathered on 2 mornings in one campground (3 carts). It would have taken so much longer to do this with a pickup!

We service carts like this one all around the Lake Mead National Recreation area, collecting recyclables from as far as 90 miles away.


  1. That park is huge. You drive 90 miles inside the same park? That is amazing. And, you have coyotes outside your RV? That is scary when you have pets. I lost a cat and at least 12 chickens to coyotes.
    Yesterday, I met with Sasha again. She is looking at a Safari Motorhome. Its a nice RV. It has 3 slides on it but one of the slides needs some attention. The coach has a 350 hp cummins diesel and runs great. I think she is going to make them an offer on it.
    Glad you and Richard are doing well:) How is your internet connection? Have you been able to see any of streams of the services?

    1. Wow! Wonder why I'm just now seeing this? Anyway. good to hear from you! We are still loving our life on the road. Many chances to witness, so many opportunities to serve. Unfortunately, our wireless signals are usually pretty poor. No, we can't get any streams of the services. Sad.

  2. WOW!! Yah big changes for sure. I hope the new addition to the family works out. Looks super cute!