Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Denver Delays, Delightful

$10,000 damages to motorhome
On our way to volunteer in Vermont, we stopped to sleep at a truck stop halfway across Wyoming. In the morning, Richard drove up to the pumps and fueled. It was tight pulling out, and our motorhome has a long back overhang, as most of them do. The back corner of our rig barely snagged the concrete piling near the pumps. There was a ghastly wrenching sound as the fiberglass tore. He stopped immediately, but the damage was already done. Frankly, it didn't look too bad. We called it in to Progressive, our insurance company, and were told where to take it for repairs in Denver. Ten days later, the repair was done and was $10,000. Progressive took care of us so very well, paid our lodging, provided an agent to work with us and Diversified Body and Paint Shop... and the repair is better than new!

Miriah, Danny and their son Aiden
Daughter Athena and Richard
We had a great time at Miriah and Danny's wedding held in a ski resort just after it closed for the season. The wedding provided the only guests in any of the rooms, and it was amazing! Enjoy a few wedding pics.
Daughter Crystal and Ronnie
Grandkids Jared, Jordan, Jacob
Four of our daughters with their handsome men... Eye glow is a mystery.

Great grandson Aiden was not impressed.
Danny and Miriah
 After the wedding, we headed down the mountain from ski country. There was a storm warning and indeed, snow was falling. It was cold most of our time in Denver, but we had great visits with friends and family and discovered how hard it is to find a sit down Pizza Hut in Denver. Most of them were carry out of delivery. We drove 17 miles to find a Pizza Hut with seating and when we arrived at 9:30 in the evening, we were the only patrons. Sad.

The repair shop had to wait for parts, then do the work on the rear end cap, so they let our motorhome sit in front of their place part of the time and ran out an electric extension cord. Most of the time we stayed in a motel because it was too cold in the motorhome. Our grandkids took care of our pets, and it was hard for them to part when it was time for us to leave.

I'll cut this short now and repost in a few days telling of our trek to the mountains of Vermont.


  1. Beautiful wedding and family! How blessed you both are.

    1. Oh, Eve, you don't know the half of it. We are SO BLESSED with a wonderful family. They are our hearts.