Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On the Road to Vermont

Actually, we are leaving Vermont in the morning... on the road to Florida, but since it has been so long since I posted, this is a flashback...

We left Las Vegas a month before we needed to report to our next post in Vermont. One of the best things about life on the road is seeing loved ones all along the way. When we first headed out from Florida in May, 2012, we stopped to spend time visiting all across the country, but once arriving in the West, we roved around there until April, 2014 when we headed east again.  
Norman and Taunya
Our first stop was in Utah where our oldest son lives as do  his five children and eight grandchildren... yes, we are great grandparents. We didn't get pictures of everyone because I am a terrible photographer (note the flowers growing out of Norman's head).

Above are Norman and Taunya. Norman is a truck driver, as are all three of our sons.  Richard and I drove truck for years in addition to our work as educators and time spent at other jobs. My father had trucks for a time, and Richard's brothers all drove truck, so it's sort of a family tradition.

Now, a peek at Norman's family. Drew is the oldest and the father of one daughter, Alejandra.

Trudy and Daisy
Trudy and her children, Connor and Lana
Trudy is the next in age and then Daisy. Here's a photo of them from a previous trip... the ones I took this trip are a trip, a bad trip. Trudy is pictured again below with her adorable children Connor and Lana. I didn't a picture of her hubby Chi, though.  

But Daisy's man Lewis is below and their two munchkins, Lydia and Dillon.  
Lewis, Daisy's hubby
Darel, Norman's son
Baylee, Candy and Olivia

Darel (above right) is the father of Baylee who is in Candy's lap along with Candy's dark haired daughter Olivia. Candy and her man Sean also have a wee son Victor.

Our son David (below) lives in Utah, and our daughter Stephanie lived there at the time, and her daughter Rio who was out of town. So, you see, we have a treasure trove of relatives in Utah.

Victor, our youngest great grandchild

Our son David
We didn't stay many days in Utah because our granddaughter was having a wedding in Colorado. She was already married, but work and school precluded a big wedding at the time. But now, a "small," elegant wedding was planned with our big family and a few friends gathering to celebrate the young couple's joyful marriage.

So, we headed off across Wyoming stopping to sleep in a truck stop about half way to Denver. That is where the unexpected reared its ugly head and changed our plans big time...   And that's where I'll leave us until I post the next blog in a day or two.


  1. A cliff hanger....
    Thanks for sharing, Iona. Always enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Life is a cliff hanger. But it's more fun that way and it grows us and keeps us young. Glad you stopped by, loving and missing you.