Monday, June 25, 2012

A Family Affair

Miriah, Danny and Aiden
This morning, as we prepped the coach to hit the road again and journey to eastern Colorado bent on visiting some places we used to teach and live, I noticed I had missed some very important messages, "Don't leave town. Baby coming," "Miriah is in labor at University."

Hah! Immediate change of plans... Crystal met us at the gate and extended our passes for 3 days than went over to rent our spot for another day as we dashed to the hospital and promptly got lost... wrong hospital, oops! Finally, with a phone call from Kim, we left our bright green buggy with the valet people and headed up to the waiting room.

Later on, I was able to visit the crowded birthing room for a short time, but there really was already a lot of folks there. It wasn't long before I was asked to leave so Miriah could get some rest. She had a hard delivery and deserved a good rest...  I BELIEVE EVERYONE THERE DESERVED A GOOD REST. It was after six before our great grandson finally made his debut. He is pink and perfect, and I cried at the sight of him. All further details, I will leave for the parents to disclose.

Early Birthday Dinner
During the days leading up to this miraculous day, we have been guests in two of our daughters' homes, celebrating life and love and family. It has been wonderful to operate out of our own home the whole time. We have all we need here and usually know how to find it. Our pets are happier in our own house, and so are we.

Crystal and her family threw an early birthday dinner for Richard. Ronnie made a delicious meal including beefalo meat, corn on the cob, some great mashed potatoes and wonderful green beans, AND biscuits! Plus, there were Richard's favorite oatmeal raisin cookies and ice cream.

Sisters, Miriah and Bethany
Another night, we visited Kim and Steve's hilltop house for home made spaghetti, great frozen garlic bread and the world famous cherries, cream topping and special cream cheese filling, all in buttery tasting grahan cracker crust... I LOVE THAT STUFF!!

But the best treat of all is that everyone gathered there... Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I loved posting them.

Jordan, an award winning artist performed a very advanced original composition for us on the piano. We were indeed duly impressed!

Jacob and Jared were flying out to Boston, leaving that night to spend some time with their dad. Hard to believe these young men are so grown up!
Jordan playing just for us!
Jacob about to fly to Boston

We didn't get good pictures of everyone, but had a good time and were blessed to see them all. It had been too long. This is just a sampling of our wonderful family... of course, we aren't partial or anything, but in all truth, these re some fine looking and acting folks and there are more like them scattered all over the place!
Again, we rejoice in the freedom our Safari coach gives us. It is the perfect home for us, and as we prepare to head out in it tomorrow, we are doubly thankful for our large and scattered family, we can visit all along the way.

As long as we've been at the base RV park, we have done little cleaning of the exteriors of our vehicles... too hot with record-breaking temps as high as 105 scorching degrees. But after a stop in LaJunta to visit even more lovely people, we will head for the hills and cooler climates where we can give the coach and the toad a proper bath.

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