Friday, June 1, 2012

The Rolling Stone

This was our first full day on the road without a breakdown or problem! Well, sort of. We have an ongoing issue with our Dometic side-by-side not doing the job when we are on the roll. Works fine sitting still, though.

But back to our saga... Our steering box parts didn't come in until Wednesday and by the time the job was done and we were ready to roll, it was late afternoon, so we chose to spend another night. We removed and gave away our awning... Perhaps we'll buy a cheapo patio shade canopy somewhere up the road. We did laundry and took a late night dip in the pool. Ah, the RV life is so good!

 Thursday morning, Richard was up early and puttering around getting things ready to roll (we had done most of it already). I, on the other hand, am not an early riser. We are retired and have no real schedule, so I snooze in. Thank goodness my morning person hubby is so understanding.

We did have one important thing to do before taking off. We needed to pick up our son Richard's head stone. Richard passed away 20 years ago and his ashes are high in the Colorado mountains. His marker was placed on property we owned there but later sold, so now we are taking the marker to South Dakota where generations of our family are buried and we shall be also.

Loading a granite grave stone in the back seat of a tiny Ford Fiesta is amazingly challenging. There is room for only one person at the small door opening, and the Incredible Hulk was not among our sweet friends who had been storing this stone for over eight years. Richard and our friends tried to convince me it couldn't be done, but somehow, after much head scratching and prayer, they got the stone into the car without even a scratch to stone or vehicle.

Finally, the joys of the open road! We were so thrilled! We drove for about four hours before we discovered a flat on the left outside dual. Oh no, not one of our new tires! Here we go again, aaarrrggghh!

But this time was different. I called Coach Net, our emergency road service company and they had a guy out within 30 minutes. He had the tire fixed and back on the rig in very little time and we were on our way at NO COST!!!! YeeeeHaaaww!

This morning after a lovely night at the Jasper, AL Wal-Mart, we were on the road early (for me) and had a beautiful, trouble-free day wherein Jasper the cat quietly scowled at the scenery for long stretches.

We stopped early and held our candle lighting and Shabbat service here in the motorhome. What a wonderful way to travel!


  1. So glad that Jasper is settling down now on the road. Hope that stone gets delivered and set up to free up the weight of the Fiesta... It will improve it's gas mileage! LOL

  2. I love your wit! Your blogs are quite enjoyable to read.
    I miss you.

    Travel well, my dear Friend.

    1. Thanks, Jenn. Miss you, too. Not to worry, we are more blessed every day!