Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Visiting kin folks

Jasper dozing on the dash
Jasper has become more relaxed as we traveled. Funny, when we're stopped he perches on a footstool or snoozes on our bed, but whenever the diesel fires up, he makes a dash for the dash, and stays right there the whole time we're rolling, even when we're driving into the blazing sun.

By the way, notice the beautiful view we have out of our front room windows. Our home is small, but our front yard is as big as the country. I just love it.

Our next stop was Waterloo, IA, where we spent the day with Richard's only sister, Lorna. Lorna is 89 years old, but when her two-story house needed painting, she got out the ladders and paint brushes, and Lorna painted that house... all by herself!

A casino in Waterloo, Iowa?
We had been boondocking for several days by then and were ready for a good, long shower. Boondocking is parking free and using the coach's generator, water supply and waste holding tanks... that means showers, which use lots of water and fill holding tanks, are limited. So I found a special deal on Twitter for $19 rooms at the Isle Casino in Waterloo, IA, if you mentioned the word Tweet when you reserved the room. We had a great stay, but you know, except for the very long shower I took, I really would have preferred to stay in my homey coach.

Mae Jean and Richard
 The next day, we visited Richard's sister-in-law, Mae Jean in Reinbeck, IA. She is a precious and gentle soul, the widow of Richard's brother Robert who served as a fireman all his working life. She had just lost her daughter a short while before our visit, and we were glad she was so cheered by our coming to see her.

After another night in a Wal-Mart lot, it was on to Princeton, MN to see cousin Frank and his wife, Mary. Mary prepared a luscious meal and we spent the day with them. They toured the Safari but said they would leave the wandering to us. They are quite happy with their cozy apartment. They don't even bother with a car since public transportation is cheap and convenient. But we are cut from different cloth, so they sent us on our way loaded down with home baked goodies and lots of good wishes.

At last, we arrived in Faulkton, SD, where we have much to do and more wonderful people to see... but that's a story for tomorrow.


  1. What a nice couple visits you have had! I love visiting with family as well. It's really great that you are getting to see so much of this beautiful country too. :)

    1. See, now that you are driving all over on your trip, you are seeing some great country as well. Hope you have a blest!!

  2. Had to make my 1st comment here. Wonder if Jasper thinks the motor is one big Purrrrr.

    1. Jasper hates the motor... He hates the generator, too, LOL