Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birds of a feather

I love how YHVH is so faithful in working all things together for good, Romans 8:28. We are still here in Grand Junction waiting to have our broken throttle cable properly fixed, and it's been ten days now. The shop has been gracious in letting us plug in to power, but we will soon be out of water and our waste water tanks are almost at capacity, so we need to get on the road real soon.
But this morning, we were able to drive over to Delta again today for another good visit with our son Scott. Then in the afternoon, we had visitors, Wild Duck and the Piper and Bonney too! Drake, Becky and their sweet blind dog Bonney dropped by to say hello. They are the owners of a Safari Serengeti with toy hauler that they enjoy traveling in. This, trip, however, they were in their four wheeler en route to Draper, Utah. We had a good, but short visit and look forward to the next get together of these birds of a feather, the Wild Goose RVers, the Wild Duck and Piper and Bonney, too! (Click on any picture for a larger view.)
Later, we did a bit of exploring and found a delightful Mexican restaurant in Fruita, CO at exit 19, which is also the rest area Welcome Center exit. 

In the ample rest area there is an RV dump and potable water, which is what we were there to check on in the first place. But as a bonus, we found a really nice Viet Nam war veterans memorial. Richard and my brother Don had been here on a trip they took some years back, but I had never seen it. It is quite well done and recently a bronze statue display has been added. 
This makes the third Viet Nam Vets Memorial or tribute we have visited since we left Florida in May. In each case, they were somewhat out of the way. Two in North Dakota and one here in a western Colorado rest area. I wonder if there is a registry? 
Finally, before it got too dark, we took pictures of the throttle cable mounted on the underbody of our coach. Note the cable making two loops, also blocking the stair well, so the steps cannot now fold up. Neither of us like confrontation very well, but we must be insistent that this is redone properly and we are not to pay for excess cable or added labor to correct the problem. 

Ah, yes, it's nice to know folks are praying about this even though in the grand scheme of things, it is but a small matter. It will be interesting what tomorrow brings.

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  1. How nice to have a visit!!! We sure want to meet them too, and perhaps sit around the campfire for a pile of good stories!

    You stand your ground on it being repaired correctly AND safely! That is NOT safe the way it is installed and the cable should NOT be looped around ... nor covering the stair retracting area. ARGGGHHH

    I am glad you got pics.. post that over on the Safari list and they will give you a LOT of opinions... LOL