Friday, July 6, 2012

Home sweet home

We are still in Grand Junction. We've been parked here in front of the truck shop doors for a week now waiting for a new throttle cable to be made and shipped from Denver. They say we may actually get fixed and on the road tomorrow!

The big problem is that the fuel peddle is almost 40 feet away from the engine it connects to, so the throttle cable is incredibly long and only buses and some motorhomes use this sort of cable. Not finding a source, we were forced to have one special made... to the tune of over $400!

On the up side, we have been parked here free this whole week. They have free showers and laundry, which is certainly worth something, what with the going rate for RV spaces here at $30 and up a night. 

What a blessing that we live in our rig! We are comfortably at home as we wait to be fixed. We have a special appointment with our son Scott and his son Wyatt tomorrow, but other than that, we have no schedule. How nice that we don't have to be uprooted from our home or concerned with meeting set schedules... such a stress-free life we live.

The 50 year alumni on their float
Richard's 50-year high school reunion was this week. We went over to Paonia for a big BBQ get together on Tuesday. It was fun to meet all his classmates. Most members of this group have been together since first grade and they are all close. There was an easy going, relaxed camaraderie,  and all forty or so classmates and spouses blended so naturally that everyone had a great time.

Richard went over alone on the 4th of July (Wednesday) because that was to be a full day of events and we can't leave the critters in the coach that long. I had a rather bad ear ache anyway and didn't really miss going at all.

Richard's home town, Paonia, Colorado

Today, as we went out for ice cream and were driving around town, we spotted another Safari. We are always excited to see other rigs, and scoping out a Safari is the best. This one is a little older than ours and is a Serengeti Edition. We have the Ivory Edition.

We had expected to be fixed Thursday, but the parts did not arrive, so we were assured that today would be the day... but again, no parts. Now, they are certain we'll be ready to roll tomorrow afternoon.  Well, as I said above, we are calm and happy in our home. If it's fixed tomorrow, we'll head for Salt Lake City... if not, we'll stay till Monday or when ever.


  1. You have such a great attitude!

    We tried that when we were stranded on a corner in Winslow AZ, but we were on paid vacation time and it was cutting us short of each precious day that we waited and waited and waited.... sigh.

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Thanks... but sometimes my great attitude turns into ATTITUDE... as in when we looked under the rig after the "repair." Well, the next blog tells about all that. Thanks for the encouragement. You are a true blessing!