Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family, Utah and Vegas... and back

Richard, Gerald and Jim
Well, eleven days have passed since my last post. As you recall, we were parked in front of a repair shop. They had ordered and installed a custom made throttle cable that was way too long. We refused the repair and waited until Monday. Turns out the $400 cable was 14 feet too long and one of the correct length was available online for $140. After some argument (not much) they adjusted the cable's length and the price and some hours later, we finally left Grand Junction and headed for Utah.

While in the Salt Lake City area, we dry camped, boondocked, parked free - whatever term you like - at three Walmarts and the Flying J on various nights. We were thankful to find gracious hosts and level parking at each place. In fact, the only downside to our stay was the record breaking heat that has seemed to follow us all across the country.

Sean, Olivia and Candy
Richard has two brothers near SLC, and our oldest son and his wife live near there as do all five of their children and seven of our eight great grandchildren! In fact, Richard and I had never even met the four youngest in SLC. Plus there was a grandson-in-law, Sean Wade, who we had not yet met. So, of course there was some great visiting going on the whole time we were in the area.

One granddaughter, Trudy and her family live south of SLC in Draper. We were amazed at how big the little ones have gotten!

One evening, we went to a car show with the SLC folks. Had a great time and found a car just like the last Cadillac my Daddy owned, except his was black. There were all sorts of great cars there, but my favorites are always accurate restorations of vintage automobiles.

Chi, Connor, Trudy and Lana
We left SLC and headed south to visit... no one? Stephanie, our oldest daughter has a property in the Cedar City area which has been vacant for quite some time. We will mow and clean, etc. and hang out for a while to see the sights and enjoy the many local festivals and programs. Stephanie may come some time in August. If not, we'll visit her in her California home.

I had not driven the coach much since we got it over a year ago, so I drove most of the way down to Cedar City. It has been a few years since I have driven anything that big, but it all comes back in a hurry.

We have a wonderful family, just like most of you do. Such a blessing! It is so amazing to be able to go visit all our loved ones while enjoying all the comfort and convenience of our own home. Even so, we left the coach parked at Stephanie's empty house and loaded up the dog and cat in the car for a visit to granddaughter Tia (Stephanie's daughter) and her hubby in Las Vegas.

Tia, Eddie and Richard at Market Grille Cafe
Tia and Eddie have a pet friendly home where a Rottweiler and a Coon Hound welcomed us as well as our fuzzy friends. Their cat Jasper did not welcome us, nor did our Jasper enjoy being welcomed. Each Jasper stayed in his own favored area and never had an encounter.

We had an adventuresome time in Vegas. Who doesn't? We dined at a great Greek cafe, the Market Grille Cafe. The food was delightful and the staff friendly and efficient... and fun! While we were there, a gigantic storm hit... massive rain, lots of hail (small, thank heavens) and the wait staff were frantically trying to clear the patio tables and bring in the chairs.
Water was leaking in from the TOP of the patio doors as well as under them. Wind blown rain brought the water in faster than the staff could mop it up. One guy was waving a tray trying to dry the floor.

The storm was a riot, and when we got home, driving through serious flooding, water was about to come in their house as well. They spent some serious time clearing a drainage path for the flood waters.

In the picture above, you will notice Tia and Eddie are wearing rubber gloves on one hand. Earlier that day we went with them as they got tattoos on their wedding ring fingers. I have never had a tattoo nor would I get one, but I watched as they got theirs.

While Tia was at work one afternoon, Richard and I walked and drove on "The Strip," where we saw everything from a man dressed as Big Foot to a nun in her habit but shod in flip flops.

In Vegas, they tear down perfectly good buildings to build bigger, glitzier ones. No one thinks about the waste. But what they do think about in Vegas is food. They have some luscious food!

Tia's youngest sister, Chani came out from California with her friends and we spent a little time with them, too. We had not seen her in a long while, but all too soon, it was time for us to head home to Stephanie's house.

Chani (center) and her friends
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    1. I love you, too! oodles and bunches... and a whole lot!!

  2. Wild Goosers,
    ...has been 12 days since we met you in Grand Junction. The Wild Duck and the Piper and Bonney too! are home in the Pacific North West and today, July 20th, is thunder storms, rain, cool 60*F and the annual rain festival continues here.... (side note: rain festival starts on January 1 and runs through December 31, so you can come to the Pacific North West anytime for the annual rain festival... :-) So glad to hear of the throttle being fixed and you are on the road again... World is getting smaller and soon we will meet again....
    Wild Duck and the Piper and Bonney too! aka, Drake and Becky across the pond from Seattle to Bremerton Washington.

    1. Yes, I believe we need to make our way up to the annual rain festival in the Pacific North West... probably a good place to spend some of our next summer time. But whenever, we do look forward to seeing you, Wild Duck, the Piper and Bonney, too!

      The Wild Goose RVers: Richard, iona and the critters