Monday, September 10, 2012

No Bad Days Here

We had planned to finish organizing our motorhome Sunday and get it to the shop today. We have a leaky fuel filter and our front tires need balanced. We had also planned to head for Las Vegas by noon so as to deliver our applications to the Clark County Shooting Complex by this afternoon... but I am ahead of myself, or perhaps beside myself, so let me start over, one thing at a time.

As we headed west a few months back, we noticed a drippy leak from our old style (meaning no longer available) fuel filter/water separator system. We were in Gunnison, Colorado and the only fix available was an O-ring made of non-diesel safe material, meaning diesel fuel will eventually destroy the O-ring. Well, after consulting several shops along the way, we have concluded the best fix is to swap out the out-dated filter system for a currently available one. Since the filter is leaking again, now is the time.

I drove most of the way from Salt lake City down here to Cedar City and was not pleased with the bounce at certain speeds. Time to balance the steer tires. This is our home and it is precious to me. I don't want it shaken apart. One visit to the shop for both problems, we thought, just as soon as I do a few things on the computer.

This morning, I planned to touch up and print our resumes and create a cover letter about us and our rig aimed at anyone who might take us on as camp hosts, etc. I also needed to finish the application for Clark County. I estimated these tasks to take about an hour... 90 minutes tops. It was almost four when I finished them!

First, our resumes were seriously out of date, and they looked old and were laden with uninteresting details. They were focused on impressing the reader with our credentials, education and professional competence, whereas now, we want to leave the reader with a desire to get to know us better, hang out and work with us as we help others have a good time. 

A redesign takes time. Streamlining the info takes time. I decided to add photos to the paperwork and resumes... But somehow the file of Richard's pictures was missing. Another hour gone, tick, tick, tick. Then there were the applications to finish. 

Finally time to print. Oops! We were out of ink. Off to Wal-Mart for an ink cartridge, then back to work. Ready to print! No, we only have 10 sheets of paper and two of them are dirty. Oh, well, too late to go to the shop today anyway. 

What a crazy day. They happen, so we decided to go out to eat. After all, this IS a day the Lord has made and we were glad and rejoicing in it. After eating hearty dinners and reading Bad Day jokes, we took off exploring to the east of town.

We investigated several side roads as the sun crept slowly toward the western horizon. The terrain in the region is just amazing and ever changing. At last, we ran out of drivable road so headed back to town where even more discoveries awaited us.

We are always on the lookout for RVs, any size style intrigues us, but we are especially excited to see another Safari. So, when I saw a row of trailers on a little side street, we turned around to investigate. 

One area in this tiny park had mobile home, but another had old and small trailers and one Class C motorhome. All were there to stay, even a tiny little teardrop camper. People had lovingly cared for these mini RVs and were living in them full time. It made me glad. 

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  1. Hope your fix goes well... we swapped out our fuel filter from the older win 200/200 system to a Fleetguard one. It took some fabrication of a new head piece for the filters to screw onto, but the Fleetguard filters are about $8 each compared to the hard to find to non-existant 200/200 ones.