Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rockin' On Down to Lake Mead

So much has happened since I last posted, and I have had very poor internet service, too. We had thought that we might have problems getting a fall and winter workamping gig in a warm climate since we didn't start seriously looking until September!

We hoped to get on at Lake Mead near Las Vegas, so put off applying at other sites... but realistically speaking, we had little chance of such a choice spot so late.

As we waited for Lake Mead to call, we toured more of the stunning areas around Cedar City. In vain, we looked for more wild horses. we went for a fall color ride and drove out to Escalante to check out the Petrified Forest State Park where we were encouraged to call about the winter camp host position. It's a lovely park and would have been perfect except for the freezing winter temperatures. Bbbbrrrrrrr!!!

Then at last we made a few calls here and there and were offered a spot on the first call! We also applied for several slots listed on and received some offers or hopefuls from there... This is a great site and includes online applications which people respond to quickly (some the same day!) and the openings are nation wide and from all government agencies. Really cool!

So then, as we had three places on the string (I had told them we couldn't accept anything until we heard from Lake Mead because we had promised we would take the spot if offered) finally, a call from an operations manager asking us to come join their team... Yay! The reason we got in is that this is a brand new slot. All the other volunteer positions
I love the fall colors!
We took one last ride before departing Utah and again enjoyed the fall colors, stunning geology and amazing skies of southern Utah... they don't call it "Color Country" for nothing. But amid all the beauty, there was a troubling aspect, hundreds, probably tens of thousands of dead and dying trees... I am praying for the trees, that they can somehow be saved before this blight takes an even higher toll.


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