Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wet and Wild

We missed our target date to go to Las Vegas looking for our next place to stay a bit, but Tuesday morning the rig and paperwork were all set, so we tried to start the rig to take her to the shop. They will be balancing wheels and doing some other varied chores like welding a part of our steps. 

No go. The rig will not start. Earlier, a light weight wire joining two positive posts had burnt off its insulation, so Richard was using a jumper cable... long story. But these batteries were DEAD. We started the genny (Onan 6300 generator) and went back inside the Safari to let things get charged up.  
It was raining hard and I noticed the carpet was wet in front of the passenger seat... Then I saw the water pouring in the window and down the wall. But the window was securely closed! 

We keep a bunch of towels for pets, beaches, washing the coach, etc. and I used every one, plus some baking pans trying to keep up with the water and soak up what had already been absorbed by our thick carpeting. 

Heading Out... Notice raggy towels on fence, LOL
Finally, after many trips out into the elements because one battery was not charging, we were able to get started, but by this time, Richard was as soaked as our carpet. While he got into dry duds, I hung our raggy towels on the fence and we drove off at last. Jasper was left in Stephanie's house with his litter box, a ton of food, four water bowls and two beds.

We dropped off the motorhome at  Color Country Diesel and at last headed to Vegas in the rain. We took the scenic route, west on Utah 56, south on US 93. It was a good ride. On the way, we discovered our car alerts us of of low tire pressure. One tire had gone down to 24 psi and the others were all 28. We aired up and it's been fine since.
 Tia (from a visit to FL)

It was great to see our granddaughter Tia again. She is always such a warm and welcoming hostess even when she is super busy with work, an M.A. program and managing her houseful of our great grandfuzzyies.

So today, we got our Shooting Complex applications in and went lot shopping after doing and exhaustive search of RV parks all around the area. There are nice ones and trashy ones, but no cheap ones... and no GRASSY ones! They are all blacktop or gravel or dirt... NO GRASS! We kept hearing, "You are in a desert, there is no grass here." Well, the casinos have grass... oh, yeah, and money. Hmmm

In our wanderings from park to park, we saw some very interesting rigs. There were two fifth wheels with add-ons. Take a look... And that is just a sampling of the one-of-a-kind outfits we found.

At last, we found a park with some grass and few rules. So many will not let you wash your rig or car or put up a little cabana tent. So, we have about decided that Kings Row will be where we park until (or if not) we get a workamping position somewhere. 

Our last stop of the day was Lake Mead National Park... well, as many of you know, we are gonna look up a park if we can. So as we were marveling at the many mobile homes permanently planted in one of the campgrounds, a park host drove up in a golf cart and we visited about workamping for a while. We learned a bunch from Dawn and will be headed out in the morning to the National Park office in Boulder City. What a great and productive and fun few days we've had in Las Vegas!
Lake Mead

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  1. It's amazing what some people will "add on" to their campers. At the city park in Oconto, there are people with permanent decks, gazebos, and even picket fences. All are torn down in the fall and stored somewhere, and then the next spring, it's all back again (after the danger of floods pass by) .