Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Beginnings

Well, on September 27, we pulled all the plugs and made our way from Cedar City, Utah to Lake Mead Nat'l. Recreation Area,  near Boulder City, Nevada.

Jasper did not approve of the move and made his opinion known as only he can do, but we were quite thrilled with the easy ride and a great spot in the Volunteers Campground.

This shady desert oasis is secluded from the public and has a limited number of sites. There is even a free laundromat! Volunteers stay here free, and it is one if the nicest campgrounds we have been to. Right now, there are only a total of six RVs camped here.

We spent a few days getting settled in and going through orientation, and then succumbed to dog loneliness and went to search dog pounds for a canine friend. It is always so hard. We wanted to bring them all home, but eventually a mixed breed won our hearts.

Chase the Wind (Chase for short) was neutered and came home with us yesterday. Today was his first day in his new home and our first day on duty as volunteers...
 That's right, we even have uniform tops and hats. Pretty dashing, I must say.
And while we were out checking the recycling situation, Chase was recuperating quietly on the couch... NOT!!!

When we came in the door, Chase was falling off the dash. The laptop and mouse were on the floor by the fuel pedal, the cat water bowl was in the waste basket (it had been on the dash along with the cat bed and cat food dispenser) the cat food was spilled and the couch pillows were all over the floor. Chase, himself was a disheveled mess, cone unhooked and dangling from his neck by one corner, paws all wet and spittle all over his chest.

What was it the vet said about him being drowsy and taking it easy for several days...

Oh, well, everything is now cleaned up and Jasper has demonstrated that he was not cowed by Chase's antics. Jasper came and took over Chase's new bed, while Chase curled up on the floor next to it.

As for us and our furry family, we are ready for tomorrow... Looking forward to another day in a great working environment.

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