Monday, May 28, 2012

A place to be still

Since home is where ever we are parked, we are happy to be at home here at Shallow Creek RV Park with its quietude and serene setting among the trees. No traffic, no noise of any sort. A small, private pool area and a game room with a pool table... nice place to live for a few days or years, I guess, should you like. A nice place to be still and think on the deeper thoughts of life...

Since we've been here, we've had dinner at the home of old and dear friends and talked of days gone by and plans for days to come. Friday night, we shared a Shabbat meal at the home of a Torah observant couple I met on Facebook. Sunday, yesterday, we attended two services at Harvest Church and ate lunch with old friends afterwards. Tomorrow, we'll join more dear friends for lunch.

Today, we went to a nursing home to visit a long time friend who can no longer speak or control her body. Her mind is alert and she can respond to yes or no questions. The last time we saw her was when she visited us in Florida and we spent most of a week touring Disney World. Seeing her as she is today was a shock to Richard and I and we are reminded once again how fragile life can be... and how easy it is to take it for granted.

The warmth and love our friends show us helps ease the ache of the loss of our Pastor and friend David Pavlik and the sorrow of seeing our sweet friend's alert mind trapped in an inert body. Shallow Creek is a good place to contemplate all that.

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