Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet time on the Suwannee River

A longer ride this time. We're getting pretty efficient at setting up "camp" and getting ready to roll again, what with all the practice we had at Lake Louisa.

Everything inside the coach rode well except Jasper who insisted he must be on the dash (passenger side) and perform his full vocal repertoire at varying intervals and volumes. Even Baby Snooks has gotten her coach legs, learning to cautiously make her way around her domain.

The coach handled extremely well according to Richard, the retired school superintendent who has driven buses a bezillion miles for Disney, Dothan, Galt and several school districts, not in that order. The rig handled well, but my man became concerned as it was taking more and more brake pedal to slow and stop the rig. We were almost to the park and could find no repair shops on our trusty Rand McNalley GPS for RV's, so we eased on into our new home at the beautiful Suwannee River state park where we will stay until Tuesday morning. Until then, we will set aside worry and get in touch with the Safari and other RV groups online to learn what we can from the old timers.

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  1. LOL on Jasper! I am sure he will soon get used to it. Some other RVers I read their blogs say it takes a little time. Soon he will be laying on that dash, surveying the world as it passes by his own personal panoramic live theater!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard