Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slow start, maybe tomorrow

We are still at our first stop. Well, not exactly. We have been in three spots here at the state park. You see, we thought we would be here four days while we waited for Richard's long overdue partial plate. Alas, the plate was in, but the dentist was not, so we extended our stay another two days but had to switch spots since others had reserved our original place.

At last, the plate came in and so did the dentist, but the cat went out. Lost (to us) and gone from sight. So we extended our stay once more, again having to move to another lot. Since it was close to the Sabbath, we reserved for two nights. Funny thing, though... as soon as I finished making the online reservations, there was Jasper at the door as if he had never been away at all.

Today is the Sabbath, we call it Shabbat (Hebrew for 7th as used in 7th day) and we were thrilled to share yet one more Shabbat service with our congregation We lingered longer than usual after oneg (a group meal after services. Oneg means delight). We are going to miss our mishpocha (family).

Tomorrow, we hope to head north a few miles to another state park where the rates are cheap. State parks here are half price for Florida resident seniors. We are paying $12/night including electricity, 50 amp, and full hookups. Gotta love that!

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